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Advantages of Email Marketing

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Halima Zayan
Halima Zayan
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Email Marketing provides the opportunity for brands to connect with more customers and potential fans via the internet. The reasons that make email marketing efficient are not only the whole idea of it is reaching out without the receiver’s action, its also less of a cost and very measurable: an organization avoids ad fatigue while still benefiting from its gradual but long-term efficacy.

Out of all online advertising options, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and increase conversion rates by means of engaging promotions with unique subject lines in intriguingly written messages.

There are plenty of reasons to advertise through email: it’s something we do with a lot of frequency and it’s a trusted, simple medium that readers are always happy to read. Emails are also more likely to go directly into the inbox but only if there is good organization and tagging.

Email marketing has become more appealing as data privacy concerns grow. With the new GDPR rules, email providers will not be allowed to share user data without explicit permission from the members. This gives email marketers some assurance that user data is being kept private.

With around 16% of children now owning smartphones, many marketers are starting to use advertising in this space too. As with Snapchat, if accessed through a mobile device, web browser, or social networks, an app has access to other data such as contacts and location

“Music or the sense of humor, we didn’t think they were going to work by themselves,” he says. “We thought that if we deliver the information in a medium like this, then people are more likely to get it and get into all of the material. And so many businesses have confirmed for us that it’s effective”.

Through email marketing, your customer receives your message directly in their inbox and every interaction you have with that customer is archived for future reference.

Some potential pitfalls are:- harassment, ineffective practices, and overspending. Most importantly utilizing email marketing does not require any physical products, so no risk and considerable savings are involved.

Many companies prefer email marketing because of its affordability, confidentiality features, and capability to reach a global audience with just an internet connection or mobile phone network coverage.

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