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Cristiano Ronaldo GOAT status tarnished at the 2022 World Cup

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Declan Foster
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The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) was Cristiano Ronaldo status when he arrived at the 2022 World Cup. Unfortunately, his behavior has tarnished the GOAT status.

After playing the clown at Manchester United this season, Ronaldo also made himself look the same at the 2022 World Cup. Lots of his behavior hurt GOAT status.

1. Ronaldo grumbles when he is substituted

Greatest of All Time Cristiano Ronaldo 2022 World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo collaborates with an escort player from Indonesia, Ulul Albab El Ibrahim, in Portugal vs. Ghana match at the 2022 World Cup Portugal’s coach, Fernando Santos, has been kind to Ronaldo. Even though he caused a stir through his interview with Piers Morgan, he still trusts Ronaldo at the 2022 World Cup.

However, when given the trust, Ronaldo failed to answer. In the matches against Ghana and Uruguay, he did not significantly impact Portugal’s front line. In the climax, during the match against South Korea, Ronaldo showed an unsightly gesture.

When replaced by Santos in the middle of the second half, Ronaldo was caught on camera grumbling. He looks unhappy to be replaced. This action also made Santos furious that he benched Ronaldo for the match against Switzerland and Morocco.

2. Instead of celebrating the victory, they went back first

Greatest of All Time Cristiano Ronaldo 2022 World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo clown behavior continued in the match against Switzerland. The fruit of his grumbling during the match against South Korea, he was not used again since the early minutes by Santos. Unfortunately, Portugal looks good when he’s not around.

Not half-hearted, Portugal won with a 6-1 over Switzerland. Ronaldo did play, but only briefly. However, it wouldn’t be Ronaldo’s name if it didn’t make people’s focus point toward him.

After the match, instead of celebrating the victory with his teammates, Ronaldo went to the locker room first. Suddenly this action makes people label themselves as unprofessional and more concerned with ego.

3. The 2022 World Cup ended badly for Ronaldo

Greatest of All Time Cristiano Ronaldo 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup could be Ronaldo’s place to answer criticism. Moreover, he came to Qatar with a status that had just been noisy until MU dishonorably dismissed him.

However, the 2022 World Cup is where Ronaldo’s GOAT status is tarnished. Not by anyone; in fact, he tarnished his status as one of the world’s best players due to his actions.

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