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Elon Musk wants to prevent embarrassing display of Android producers with Twitter

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Declan Foster
Declan Foster
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Elon Musk is at it again. He says he wants to adjust the network on Twitter, the platform he owns. The richest man wants to make social media faster by switching off certain services. 

Something that embarrassing displays for Android manufacturers can finally solve. SpaceX, Tesla, and Twitter owners want to remove a well-known label from tweets. 

We’re talking about the label from which you can tell where someone is tweeting. For example, in my case, it says ‘Flamingo for Android, ‘which indicates that I (still) use the Flamingo app on Android.

Elon Musk tweaks Twitter.

That’s still pretty innocent. But big tech companies are not crazy and use these resources to promote their products. It also sometimes led to funny situations, such as the story of someone who tweeted from a smart fridge. Whether that was true is another matter, but all for the memes, right?

But Elon Musk thinks it’s enough. That line of text is “a waste of space and computing power.” Also, “literally no one” would know why that rule ever existed in the first place. Musk wants to disable this one of the microservices, allowing Twitter to load even faster on the web and in the app.

Embarrassing situations

In the past, the tag sometimes led to embarrassing situations. One of the most notable examples is Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot. At the time, she was an ambassador for Huawei and, for a fee, posted tweets about its new smartphones. But she did that from an iPhone, and everyone could see that.

It may be funnier the time Samsung was promoting its Galaxy smartphones with a tweet sent from an iPhone. And then we also have the Apple Music representative who sent tweets from an Android. Unfortunately, such tweets have since been deleted.

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