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Goodbye, SwiftKey: 4 iOS Keyboard Alternatives

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Declan Foster
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SwiftKey. Microsoft announced today that it would remove its popular application from the App Store on October 5. The perfect time for OMT editor Mark Hofman to list many iOS alternatives.

Available since 2014, acquired in 2016, and still one of the most popular options in 2022: SwiftKey was a resounding success, but Microsoft still chose to remove the app from the App Store. 

Lucky for us, there are plenty of other keyboard alternatives out there

SwiftKey at an end: 4 alternatives to the iOS keyboard

A year after the last update for SwiftKey was rolled out, Microsoft announced that it was discontinuing the application for iOS. 

Where the company will still support the Android variant, consumers with an iPhone, unfortunately, have to start a search for a pleasant alternative.

The following four applications are the biggest contenders:

#1 Fleksy for iOS

Safety and appearance are of paramount importance, but the speed makes Fleksy a fantastic keyboard. The iOS app stores frequently used words locally and therefore knows how to complete sentences perfectly. 

Something that does typing on your iPhone not only easier but also really much faster. It is, therefore, not for nothing that Fleksy has received a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.

A nice extra addition: the iOS app contains handy shortcuts to other platforms. This also makes sending GIFs or videos a bit easier.

#2 SwiftKey? How about the iOS keyboard?

SwiftKey has always been a nice alternative to the iOS keyboard, but I never understood that urge. I usually also test many Android devices for WANT so that I can understand the need for an alternative. For iOS, on the other hand: not so much.

Apple’s keyboard feels complete, offers swiping capabilities, and has excellent autocorrect. In addition, the toolbar above the keyboard is ideal for preventing errors, and the emoji are perfectly integrated.

Has it been a while since I’ve tried your iPhone’s default keyboard? Then definitely give it a chance in 2022!

#3 Gboard for iOS

I can only draw the above conclusion if I have tried alternatives. In that respect, Gboard is a good option for consumers who can’t handle the iOS keyboard.

Google’s keyboard, like SwiftKey, is equipped with the possibility to design it according to your wishes. In addition, it only does a little special in terms of typing, but it is mainly the peripheral matters that stand out. 

Consider, for example, inserting a GIF, Sticker, or emoji: it all works well. Just like the autocorrect and the prediction for words, by the way.

Gboard is completely free to download from the Apple App Store.

#4 No mistakes, thanks to Types

Typos happen. There’s no doubt about that. Fortunately, certain iOS apps will help you get rid of it quickly. Types are such an app; unlike other SiwftKey alternatives, it also works in Arabic.

While you have access to a standard keyboard, the cstom variants make Typewise so good. They are designed so that consumers are less likely to make mistakes, for example, due to larger buttons. 

In addition, all data remains stored locally, making it a wonderful privacy-friendly option.

Types are free to download from the App Store, but it does work with in-app purchases.

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