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How to choose between the new AirPods?

Apple has started selling two AirPods options in Dubai, plus the wireless charging case separately. Which to choose?

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Last week, Apple officially started selling the new AirPods in Dubai. Still, unlike when the product arrived in the country in 2017, the consumer is faced with two AirPods options, one with a wireless charging case and the other with the standard case, and just the wireless charging case.

To find out the best model to buy, you first need to understand what changes from the previous version to the current one, and the big differences are internal. On the outside, we have the same look as before. And as the saying goes: why mess with a winning team, right?

The new AirPods feature Apple’s H1 chip, created exclusively for headphones. With this, the Cupertino company promises a faster and more stable wireless connection, in addition to being twice as fast to switch between devices and 1.5 times faster to connect to calls.

Another point that Apple draws attention to is the up to 30% lower latency for games, which was never an issue in my experience with the original AirPods. A welcome novelty is that it is now possible to call Siri without double-tapping one side of the AirPods. Just say, “Hey, Siri.”

Also, thanks to the new H1 chip, it guarantees up to three hours of direct talk time, 5 hours of sound on just one charge, and over 24 hours of battery life with the charging case.

What’s the difference between the new AirPods? And which one should you choose?

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What will make you spend AED 329.00 on the phone with a standard charging case or BRL AED 380.00 on the model with a wireless charging case is precisely the fact that you have a wireless charger or not. If you are technically adept, we recommend the ideal wireless charger. Keep betting on it.

It’s the biggest upgrade from the previous generation to the current one. And you will also notice that the light that shows whether the product is charging or not is now on the outside of the case.

Now, if you’ve never owned AirPods and don’t think using wireless charging will make a difference in your life, why not save $300? Lastly, if you’re a recent purchaser of the original AirPods but would love to use wireless charging, you can buy the case for AED 229.00.

If you, like me, are already approaching the second year of using Apple’s wireless headphones, the case alone would not be the ideal solution, as your AirPods’ battery is probably not the same as when you bought them.

Another novelty of the new models is that you can customize the AirPods case with a phrase for the first time. Why not try?

Here, you can check the analysis of the original product after one year of use. Here, on Apple’s official website, you can buy the AirPods that make the most sense for your use.

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