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Public holidays in the UAE for the year 2023

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Can you believe that only one month separates us from the end of the year? Plan your next vacation now! Find out the official holiday dates in the UAE for the year 2023.

The United Arab Emirates has officially announced the official holidays for the year 2023 for both the private and government sectors, and there may be a holiday of 6 days!

Public holidays in the Emirates

  • New Year’s Day: (Sunday, 1 January)
  • Eid Al-Fitr: 29th of Ramadan until 3rd of Shawwal (expected to start on Thursday, 20th of April)
  • Day of Arafah: 9 Dhu al-Hijjah (expected to be Tuesday, 27 June)
  • Eid al-Adha: 10-12 Dhu al-Hijjah (the holiday is expected to be from Wednesday, June 28 to Friday, June 30)
  • Hijri New Year’s Day: (Friday, July 21)
  • Prophet’s Birthday: (Friday, September 29)
  • Martyr’s Day: (Friday, December 1)
  • National Day: (Saturday, December 2nd, and Sunday, December 3rd)

Long vacation of 6 days

The Day of Arafah and Eid al-Adha can be a six-day holiday, and some dates may vary depending on the sighting of the moon.

 But if all goes as expected, we look forward to multiple extended holidays.

 Public holidays in the UAE include a six-day holiday, which includes the Day of Arafah and Eid al-Adha. Starting on Tuesday, June 27th, and continuing until Friday, June 30th, we will have to work for only one day that week if we consider the weekend before the Day of Arafah.

Long holidays in 2023

Another long holiday that awaits us within the official holidays in the Emirates is the blessed Fitr holiday for the year 2023, as it will last for four days.

Also, the Hijri year holiday will extend over three days.

The Prophet’s birthday holiday will be for three days.

Also, the Martyr’s Day and National Day holidays will last for three days.

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