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Queen Elizabeth II Allegedly Was Secretly Friends With Tom Cruise Before His Death

Queen Elizabeth II was allegedly friends with Tom Cruise before he died.

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New allegations have been revealed regarding Queen Elizabeth II’s friendship with a Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise.

Quoting from the  Page Six news page on Monday (7/11/2022), Queen Elizabeth II reportedly made new friends before the day of her death.

In the final weeks of her remarkable life, Queen Elizabeth met Tom Cruise.

Also, one of the longest-reigning British monarchs had lunch with the  Top Gun: Maverick actor.

According to an important report, Queen ElizabethII and Tom Cruise are said to have many similarities and compatibility during their meeting.

The two met over the summer, according to a report from the Sunday Times of London source. Interestingly, Tom Cruise was also specially invited to the Platinum Jubilee event, which was held some time ago.

This event is an important moment to celebrate the reign and leadership of Queen Elizabeth II for approximately 70 years. But unfortunately, at that time, Queen ElizabethII could not meet the actor. This is due to his declining health condition.

Even so, the Queen has her way. He provided a special palace tour for Tom Cruise. Even then, the two met briefly and drank tea together.

“The Queen was delighted to see her, and they hit it off so well that she invited her back for lunch. She was even allowed to fly in a helicopter,” a source said.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise has also expressed his opinion about the figure of Queen Elizabeth II. He admitted that the Queen was a figure he greatly admired.

“She’s just a woman that I admire. I think she is someone of great dignity, and I admire her dedication,” said Tom Cruise.

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