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Monday, March 13, 2023

Republicans secure majority in the House of Representatives

They exceed 218 seats, but the Senate remains under the control of the Democrats and can act as a 'firewall.'

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Declan Foster
Declan Foster
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More than a week after election day in the United States, the Republicans Party has secured a majority in the House of Representatives. 

Republican Mike Garcia’s victory in California has allowed them to surpass those 218 seats, even with six positions to be decided. In other words, at best, they will have a tight majority but enough to counterbalance the Democrats in the Legislature.

“The Democratic Party’s period of dominance in Washington is ended. In Washington now, there is check and balance,” said Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives. 

Of the six pending races, the Republicans lead in four and the Democrats in the other two. Democrats have 211 seats. McCarthy is aspiring to be the speaker of the House of Representatives, a position that Nancy Pelosi, 82, has held since Donald Trump’s midterm election.

The Republicans expected to achieve a clear majority in the House of Representatives, which was in the hands of the Democrats, and also to turn the tables in the Senate. But the red wave has remained in a red drop. The Democrats have achieved the best results of a party in power in two decades.

In the absence of the second round in Georgia, the Senate continues to be in the hands of the Democrats, who already have 50 seats compared to 49 for the Republicans. 

Georgia votes again on December 6, and there the Trumpist Herschel Walker faces the Democrat Raphael Warnock. If Warnock wins, the majority in the Senate will be clearer. In the event of a tie, the President of the Senate, Vice President Kamala Harris, exercises her casting a vote.

Donald Trump is still there.

For the Democrats, control of the Senate is fundamental since it guarantees a brake on the programs that the Republicans want to promote in the House of Representatives. 

As Senator Chuck Summer says, the House will act as a “firewall.” In addition, Biden will be able to continue confirming appointments in his cabinet and the judiciary, including vacancies in the Supreme Court.

However, Republicans will be able to promote investigations into the Biden Administration. And Kevin McCarthy assures that they will, according to The New York Times.

Largely, the red wave was contained because the candidates sponsored by Donald Trump failed miserably. The failure of television Mehmet Öz in Pennsylvania against John Fetterman and the candidate for governor Kari Lake, who likes to present himself as Donald “Trump in skirts,” drew attention.

None of this has stopped Trump, who on Tuesday night presented his candidacy for the Republican nomination at his Mar-a-Lago mansion. “We will make America great again. We will make America proud.” Cheered on by his supporters, Trump is convinced that he will get the Republicans to choose him as their candidate.

However, many in the party would like to slow him down, and solid contenders are emerging, like re-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has won by 20 points. 

But his strength at the national level is unproven, and Trump is very much Trump. In any case, the Democrats do not find it the most difficult rival because they already know their weaknesses and are many notable.

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