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Selena Gomez Calls Taylor Swift her Only Friend in Hollywood

Selena Gomez calls Taylor Swift her only friend in Hollywood.

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 Selena Gomez officially released a documentary entitled  My Mind and Me on Friday (4/11/2022). The first documentary immediately became the subject of discussion.

In addition, he often promotes his documentaries on several platforms, including social media. Selena also conducted several interview sessions related to this.

Launching from the Insider news page, Selena conducted an interview session with  Rolling Stone magazine.

Through this interview, he revealed what kind of life he has lived so far, especially his struggle to improve mental health since 2016.

She also revealed surprising things about her friendship life as an actress and singer in Hollywood.

He admitted to Alex Morris that he only had one friend in the entertainment industry. That one person is none other than Taylor Swift, who has just released her latest album, titled  Midnights, on October 21, 2022.

Selena admitted that she did not feel comfortable and fit in with various Hollywood gangs, which consisted of several cool and famous female artists.

Meanwhile, he and Taylor did meet and were friends for a long time. The two first met in 2005 while still dating The Jonas Brothers.

Since then, the two have always been together and supported each other. Taylor even came to the birthday of the former Justin Bieber.

Recently, Taylor also gave great support to his best friend. He created a special story on Instagram and promoted Selena’s documentary.

Previously, Taylor was also rumored to make a special song about Selena Gomez entitled  Dorothea in 2021.

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