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The hidden calculator every iPad user should know

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Declan Foster
Declan Foster
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Apple has provided iPhone models with a handy calculator, but that app was never brought to the iPad. That’s strange since Apple’s tablet is extremely suitable for productivity purposes. 

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Yet there is a secret calculator hidden in your tablet. OMT editor Sabine explains how that works.

Steve Jobs didn’t want the iPhone’s Calculator app on the iPad because it was simply a phone app that was inconveniently scaled down to iPad size. Why is there still none now? Because they have yet to be able to develop the right app, says software boss Craig Federighi.

iPad: hidden calculator

Fortunately, the hidden calculators contain almost all the functions you could wish for in a calculator because there are two. The first is found in Spotlight, the iPad’s search engine. 

You can even do math calculations that your iPhone’s calculator can’t handle here. To open Spotlight, first, go to your iPad’s home screen. Press the center of the screen and swipe down. 

A window appears with a search bar at the top. If you use a keyboard, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Command+Space in any app.

Another secret method

There is another way to still use a calculator on your iPad. Like most other Apple devices, the company’s tablets come with a smart ssistant. And it wouldn’t be a smart assistant if Siri couldn’t do the math for you.

Say “Hey, Siri,” or hold down the home button on your iPad and ask her what the result of certain math is. For example, say, “What is 92 divided by 3?” You will then be presented with the answer (rounded) 30.67. Thanks, Siri!

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