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The importance of unique selling points for brands

Unique Selling Point: Definition and How to Determine It

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Declan Foster
Declan Foster
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A unique Selling Point is one of the most important things to do in a business. This is what drives your business different from opponents.

In business, there must be a competitor, namely a competitor, when companies compete with each other to gain market share in the industry they occupy. So there must be a difference or differentiation to attract attention, one of which is with a Unique Selling Point or USP. 

However, not all understand the meaning of a Unique Selling Point. For more details, see the explanation below.

What is a Unique Selling Point (USP)

USP or Unique Selling Point is one way to choose potential customers in business competition. USP is important for the company because it can help differentiate one business from a competitor’s. 

USP is the reason consumers buy a product offered by the company. In one industry, many sellers or business actors will be engaged in that field. Even though the products sold are the same, there must be a reason why consumers prefer to subscribe to one store compared to another. 

Consumers choose products from one company because of the Unique Selling Points offered. Customers will look for stores or companies that provide more benefits than competitors so that they will get more benefits. 

Along with the development of technology and the internet, which is increasingly sophisticated as it is today, USP is very important because competitors are not only national but also international. If the seller cannot provide more consumer benefits, it is not impossible that customers will switch to other sellers.

How to determine Unique Selling Points

USP is a differentiator or differentiation between one company and another. For example, both of your businesses are engaged in skin care. However, there is a differentiation or value-added point in the form of friendlier service, offline and online sales, lower prices, organic content, and so on.

Here are several ways you can do to determine Unique Selling Points, including:

1. Knowing customer needs

Consumers will buy goods according to what they need. If you want to attract their attention, then automatically, you have to make products that can meet consumer needs. Think about what customers want from sellers when buying goods. 

For example, consumers want to buy skincare products. Therefore, they must find out what products are suitable by consultation. You can provide free consulting services to customers so they can find out what products are needed. 

Because currently, many skincare brands are circulating in the market locally and internationally. If you don’t have a Unique Selling Point, you may lose to your competitors. 

In addition, friendly service and convenience in making purchases are other reasons buyers prefer to shop at one store. You can consider many aspects in determining a Unique Selling Point. However, the most important thing is finding customer needs, which can be done using a survey. 

You can provide forms to consumers about the things that cause them to choose to shop at your place over competitors.

Ask them to review their experiences with product quality, price, service, speed, and so on.

You can also find out consumer needs through their assessment of your product. For example, customers prefer to buy your product because it has services provided or because prices are pocket-friendly.

2. Give inner satisfaction to customers

Studying customer psychology in doing business is very important, especially if your business is already busy and has many buyers. Therefore, as a businessman, you must consider keeping customers loyal by finding out their inner satisfaction. 

By learning about this, you can improve service even better to retain old customers and attract new ones.

There are several strategies you can do to find out the level of customer satisfaction, including:

Healthy lifestyles 

Public awareness of adopting a healthy lifestyle is now getting higher. By convincing customers that your product is the best and can help improve people’s health, they will be interested.

Eco-friendly product

In addition, consumer awareness of sustainable products is now also increasing. Environmentally friendly buying products means they are participating in protecting the environment. It is important to instill a sense of pride in consumers when buying a product because of the exclusivity and benefits they get.

Pride in using local products

Currently, there is a special pride for consumers when wearing local products. This feeling is different from the pride in using luxury products. You can adjust your product or service with some of these indicators.

3. Finding out the advantages of competitors

Analyzing competitors in business is also important to do. However, that does not mean that it is advisable to imitate what has been instilled by them completely. If that’s done, your product will lose competitiveness, considering it entered the market first. 

Companies that want to move forward must also be open to looking at their competitors to discover their strengths and weaknesses. From this analysis, the advantages can be found and used as evaluation material to determine the company’s weaknesses and strengths among competitors. 

The way that can be done is to visit competitor stores both online and offline. You also know the quality of their products and the service system used. After that, don’t forget to validate these findings to find the shortcomings of these competitors.

You can perform validation in two ways. First, look at the reviews on the Google My Business feature left by customers. There, you find the ratings and complaints from the fragments.

The second way of validation is by asking these customers directly. You can approach directly and ask consumers who have used these products. 

From the results of these observations, make modifications to increase unique selling products to attract more consumers.

You can use this data to become an advantage in a business that other competitors don’t have. This will make consumers switch to your business.

The Importance of Unique Selling Points

For companies, USP is important because it can help increase sales turnover. USP can be a differentiation or differentiator that can later be applied in the long term. 

This is because there are more and more loyal customers, and they will recommend it to others. As a result, the name and branding of your company will increase. Customers who get different values ​​from a product will tend to choose that product to buy. 

So, Unique Selling Point is a unique value attached to goods and services to attract customer attention. Hopefully, this article can help your business grow even more.

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