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The indispensable tools for those who work remotely

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If, until some time ago, many did not even know what it was, smart working has also experienced a real boom in London in the last two years. 

The pandemic and the related restrictions have encouraged the new agile working methods that have seen many companies forced to review the organization and management of personnel. 

For employees, smart working was a problem, at least in the first period, but it has proved to be a natural resource over time.

This is because it was necessary to have all the tools and software useful to work from home without feeling the weight of the distance. 

So let’s see the programs and applications that today, more than ever, are indispensable for those who work remotely.

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Video conferencing software: Google Meet and Zoom

To work in smart working and to be able to compare with colleagues or superiors, it is first of all necessary to have software that allows you to carry out videoconferences. 

The video call has been replacing, in recent years, the classic business meeting in person, given that for many months it was not possible to meet in person due to restrictions.

However, if some saw this as a limitation at the beginning of the pandemic, the advantages of videoconferencing emerged very early, today, they all agree that this is a good step forward. 

The most famous and used software for corporate video calls are Google Meet and Zoom, but there are many others, and each company adopts the one that best meets its needs.

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Electronic signature software: Yousign

Another software that is indispensable for automating some business processes at the time of smart working is Yousign, for electronic signature. 

From sales contracts to remote partnerships, it would be impossible to conclude ongoing negotiations remotely without cloud software like this.

Thanks to the electronic signature, it is, in fact, possible to send documents in digital format and have them signed immediately by customers, suppliers, partners, and employees who operate smart working. 

Not only that: this is a complete software that allows you to archive all the documentation because of the digitization affecting most companies today.

Programs for remote teamwork: Google Drive

Another program that is indispensable for all those who work in smart working and need to collaborate with the team remotely is Google Drive. 

Thanks to this suite, it is possible to share documents, make them editable by all the members of the workgroup, insert comments on the relationships of others, and so on.

Another software also available as a smartphone application very useful for smart workers is Trello, which allows you to organize work optimally by sharing deadlines, appointments, to-do lists, projects, and documents with the team. It is a project management tool worth having at your disposal.

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