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What Is a Domain Name?

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Domain name is a specific extension used in internet protocol – the system that allows computers that are connected to the Internet to share information. When you type your website address (URL) into a web browser, it looks up domain names and translates them into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses so that other computers can connect to the server at your website’s domain name and contact it.

In other words, domain refers to the address of a particular site on the World Wide Web. For example, www.azmitech.com means that Azmi Tech has the domain name www.azmitech.com

The Domain-name also helps users to easily identify and remember where they want to go. Without the domain name, we would all have a lot more trouble trying to find useful websites on the internet. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to find anything that we might need or have trouble remembering what a URL was for.

A domain-name is a unique, fresh, and memorable phrase across the web. It is a sequence of characters or numbers – which are called ‘dots’ – separated by dots between them. The first step in finding a perfect domain name is to do a little research on what your target customers may search for.

Understanding the correct domain will help you articulate your message, to find your one true way to be found online.

Choosing it: Domain can be either registered or unregistered and can be from 1-63 characters in total length consisting of letters and numbers including hyphens only for identification purposes which means you cannot use certain words for com., net., org., or any other country codes reserved to various institutions.

The domain is the web address of a site such as azmitech.com or beardbanker.com. Domain-names are handles for Internet-domains, link the letters one places into their Web browser to the destination (domain) located on a server somewhere on the World Wide Web.

When determining which-domain to buy and use for a website, there are two main types of domains: country-code TLDs and top-level domains from ICANN’s root zone file

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