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What is a Pavilion in the Property World?

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In the property sector, the term pavilion is not foreign. Having a pavilion around the house can enhance the overall appearance of the house, apart from several functions.

Referring to KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary), a pavilion means a house or additional building next to the main or main house. That is why the pavilion is also known as the small house.

According to the Prospekt website, pavilions are generally attached to the main house, and there is usually separate access from the house to the pavilion. However, some were built separately, so they had to make another path to connect them to the main house.

Even so, an annex house is a single house complete with various facilities, such as a bedroom, a small kitchen, and a bathroom.

pavilion function

The pavilion that resembles a small house has various purposes, from a relaxing space and a workplace to an investment asset for boarding houses or contracts. However, there are several functions that pavilions have, as follows:

  1. Rest
    Room As a break room, it is better if the pavilion is made as comfortable as possible so that you can make this space a place to unwind and relax. We can equip it with a soft sofa or mattress to a mini fridge to make it easier for you to make the drink you want.
  2. Workspace
    Unlike the workspace, of course, the accompanying furniture must support the work process. We can add work desks, chairs, and document storage cabinets.
  3. Gathering place
    The third function of the pavilion is as a gathering place for friends or guests. Make sure the room doesn’t contain too much furniture, so it doesn’t feel full, considering the size of the room is relatively small.
  4. Multi-purpose room
    With these many uses, a pavilion is a multi-purpose room. This can especially be made if we do not stick to one particular function. To feel loose and spacious, don’t put furniture or other items as much as possible.
  5. Warehouse
    As a warehouse, a pavilion certainly needs space that is loose enough and easily accessible. However, this is unfortunate, considering the pavilion’s function is quite diverse.

The difference between pavilions and boarding houses

Although a pavilion can also be used as an investment asset in the form of a boarding house or rented house, this building differs from the space built to be rented out as a boarding house.

Pavilions are small houses with several facilities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and small kitchens. Meanwhile, boarding houses are buildings that contain many rooms for rent.

One of the striking differences is the size of the room. Pavilions are usually larger than boarding houses because boarding houses are usually more focused on sleeping areas, while pavilions have other spaces like a house.

From the facilities, boarding houses are usually equipped with furniture such as mattresses, tables, chairs, and even WiFi. Meanwhile, other boarding house residents usually share the kitchen, laundry area, or clothesline.

Meanwhile, pavilions are generally built and equipped with living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens in each unit. Even so, there are also pavilions that are rented out in an empty state.

In addition, when rented out, pavilions have a higher price than boarding houses. This is due to the completeness of the facilities owned. When renting a pavilion, water and electricity bills are usually included.

Meanwhile, the pavilion rental period is usually charged on an annual basis. It’s different from most, which implement a monthly rental system.

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